Square Jump

Few time to spend? But no time to loose on a loading of a game?
You are welcome ! Square jump is for you!
Tap on your screen to make the Square jump ! The longer you press, the longer will last the jump. Now avoid the obstacles, take bonuses, avoid maluses and upgrade your Square!

-Possibility between 12 colors (for now) for the Theme and the Square
-Modify the gravity and/or the speed of your game !
-Upgrade your Square: jump higher, get more bonuses, etc. !

Download Square Jump !


Sparks Tower

Sparks Tower is an arcade game where you have to overcome different levels to go down into the tower ... So you need to brave elements and illuminate the dungeon to guide adventurers who venture into the terrible dungeon of elements.

-Jump over the lava in the world of Sparks Tower !
-Avoid the traps of the dungeon!
-Dodge rays of the tower elements!
-Reverse gravity!
-Try again and again levels of Sparks Tower World and unlock new levels!
-Already 90 levels!

Download Sparks Tower!

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Breathalyzer is an application that can provide with a relative precision the level of alcohol absorbed. Simply enter the types of alcohol and ingested quantity in order to know whether or not you can drive!

-An application focusing on simplicity, clarity and efficiency.
-Available in several languages.

Do not hesitate to give us your feedback about Breathalyzer!

Download Breathalyzer !


Hero's Pursuit

Helusion Systems is always trying to make entertaining and creative programs.
Here is an exemple: try not to be touched by the blasts!
But be careful, the more you clic, bigger will be the ball.
Give it a try!

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